All about Hindu traditions

If any place is interesting for its customs and traditions, it is India, Hindu traditions are so picturesque that they leave no room for doubt, love or hate them, but the truth is that they attract the attention of visitors.

It is the second country with the most people on the planet and there are tribes and castes, all with different religions, which makes it possible to find a great diversity of traditional uses and customs.

The Ganesh Charurthi festival

It is the celebration that is held to commemorate the anniversary of the deity and is celebrated according to the phase of the moon that corresponds to it, in the calendar of the Hindu chronology, this festival can last between five days and three weeks.

This celebration brings together a large number of artists who are dedicated to making fabulous idols of the deity and that can reach heights of up to 30 meters. After the festivities and prayers, all the idols and decorations are collected and taken to the sea where they are submerged.

Marriage according to the Manusmriti

The Manusmriti is the first book of the Mahabharata, in it are the laws of men. According to this book, there are eight ways to get married:

  • Brahmana: In this option, the father of the bride delivers his daughter to a good man.
  •  Daiva: Here the bride is dressed with large jewels and is married to a priest who will officiate at a sacrifice.
  • Arsha: In this option, the marriage will take place only when the father of the bride receives from the future husband the price of his daughter in cattle.
  • Parghpatya: This marriage occurs when the father of the bride pays homage to a man and the future spouses are blessed with the word that they will both fulfill their obligations.
  • Asura: It is when the man gives a fortune to the relatives of the bride so that they allow him to marry her.
  • Gandharva: It is the act of deliberately forming a couple, just by physical attraction.
  • Rakshasa: This is the forced act of kidnapping a girl from her home, killing her entire family.
  • Paishaach: This is forced marriage to a woman while she is asleep or intoxicated.

Sacred rivers of India

For the Hindu culture, water is sacred, therefore all the rivers in its territory are. The banks of the rivers are the places to celebrate the local festivals, being also places where the fertility rites are performed.

For this ancient culture, water is a conscious being in its mass and movement, capable of cleansing the spirit of man.

The deceased are taken to the water of the rivers, thus seeking to wash their souls and that the water leads them to the other world. In addition there are the seven Sapta Sindhu, which are the most sacred water tributaries within the territory.

Diwali, the festival of lights

This is a lavish festival that takes place on the fifteenth day of the dark fortnight of the month of Karttika, and lasts for five days. During this festival the focal point is the beautiful compositions made with lit candles.

It is customary to release a garment and share typical sweets with neighbors and friends, fireworks are also common. All of this is intended to welcome the Hindu New Year, which is given in commemoration of Krishna’s triumph over Narakasura.

According to tradition, the inhabitants filled all the high places of the city with lighted lamps to help Rama orient himself in the dark, hence the fabulous custom of lighting with lights and candles in this celebration, it’s gorgeous.