Curiosities about Indian culture

India is a country with a millenary culture, which has been nurtured by other cultures and influences throughout its history, until developing a unique idiosyncrasy full of contrasts. It has multiple religions with countless rites that attract attention, it has luxurious temples and palaces, with their lavish colors and aromas of spices.

All this makes it a different country full of curiosities, where wealth coexists with poverty, but it will not stop surprising you. The most remarkable curiosities about Indian culture are described below.

It is officially the most populous country in the world

There are 1,324 million inhabitants in India, ranking just behind China in population. Unofficially, there are those who think that India actually has more inhabitants than China, since there are a large number of people who have not registered and more than 40% of the population does not have an identity card.

India is the second country where English is most widely practiced in the world

After the United States, India is the country where the most people speak the English language. Due to the long English colonization, 10% of the Indian population speaks the language, but that is equivalent to more than 132 million people.

It is the country with the largest number of vegetarian inhabitants in the world

Either by religion, as in the case of Hindus or by conviction of other religions, in India it is speculated that around 50% of the population is vegetarian. It is practically a country where you do not eat meat and there is a wide variety of foods and flavors to try.

It is the paradise of any vegetarian, since the gastronomic offer free of meat is very diverse and tasty, in fact it tends to be liked by both vegetarians and those who do eat meat.

Shampoo was invented in India

The population of this country is characterized by being extremely clean and every morning you can see how they bathe in public areas in a very energetic way. It is said that the Indians were the first to use the concept of shampoo, which was made with herbs and was invented in Kerala.

At present in Kerala town, people continue to make their own herbal shampoo and this mixture is offered in the markets. It is sold dry and in a glass bottle, to which water is added and it is ready to use.

Once every 12 years the largest human rally in the world takes place

It is known as Maja Kmubhamela and it is a great religious pilgrimage along the banks of the Ganges River, with an average attendance of 100 million pilgrims in each edition.

On average, there are 5 million Sadhus in India

Sadhus are people who are in the fourth phase of the ideal life of a Hindu. When this person chooses to comply with this phase, he renounces everything, leaves all his possessions, including his family, and dedicates himself to traveling all over India studying the sacred texts, meditating in austerity and with daily penance.

A Sadhu must live without money and only with what people give him, without having to ask. They try to know the true values ​​of life and through them achieve a state of objective happiness and then enlighten and die in peace.

When these Sadhu begin their pilgrimage, they are already taking the first steps to prepare their soul and in this way purify it to be closer to God. When your body dies, your soul will be able to free itself and reunite with the energy called Atman.